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Cultural & Heritage

1. Underwater World Langkawi

Discover all the wonders that lie underneath the deep blue waters of Malaysia’s oceans with a visit to Underwater World Langkawi, one of the largest aquariums in the country! Geared towards knowledge, education, and entertainment, the park is a must visit for all nature lovers, as well as those who wish to obtain an understanding of life in the water. Check out the 4,000 different aquatic species as you explore the park that’s almost six acres big, with facilities like the Seashell Display, the Koi Pond, and a new building which features the Tropical Rainforest, Temperate and Sub-Antarctic Ecosystems. See massive sea creatures like stingrays, groupers, and green turtles as you walk through the 15-meter long tunnel that houses 500,000 liters of seawater!

Take photos of the adorable penguins playing around inside the “Penguinarium,” which features a small tunnel where you can watch them swim. If you want to see more of the aquarium’s fascinating creatures, you can also attend the feeding schedules and learn more about them as they show off for the trainers.

2. Paradise 3D Museum – For Art Lovers

With over 200 astonishing artworks that appear almost alive when photographed, the Paradise 3D Museum is definitely a place to visit in Langkawi if you are an art-lover. There are nine zones inside the 3-storey building – optical illusion, aquatic, fantasy, castles, classics, safari, landscapes, Egyptian, and Malaysian. Since it is located next to the Cable Car station in Oriental Village, we suggest covering it the same day as the Cable Car ride.

3.Mahsuri Mausoleum

A young woman who died around 1819, Mahsuri is an important figure in Langkawi, and though it was only built in the 1950s, Mahsuri’s Tomb (Kota Mahsuri) is one of the island’s more meaningful tourist attractions. Langkawi is a place steeped in local legend and the most famous of these is the story of Mahsuri, an extremely beautiful woman who was sentenced to death when others became jealous of her good looks.

The island of Langkawi was then said to be cursed for seven generations, and you can learn all about the story at the Mahsuri museum.

There are a number of galleries that you can visit and you can even see Mahsuri’s former home and her tomb which sits in the center of the complex.

Besides the tomb, there’s a museum, a handicrafts shop, a theater, food outlets, a re-created traditional house, and a well believed to be magical.

4.Laman Padi

Laman means fields and Padi means rice in Malay. Thus, Laman Padi is a complex of rice paddies along with her gardens. The complex also has galleries and museums that depict the evolution of rice cultivation and harvesting specific to the region of Langkawi.

This place is great for tourists who would like to understand Langkawi’s agriculture space or who would like the idea of being surrounded by lush green paddy fields.

The biggest mosque in Langkawi with its traditional Moorish features and stunning interiors will make its way  to your heart. Situated in Kuah this mosque is in close proximity to the waterfront and was built in the late 1950s so its not just sacred but historical too! A great feature of this mosque is that it is opened around the clock and is an absolute wonder! With Uzbek designs unified with Malay styles this mosque is a sight to marvel at.

5.Al Hana Mosque

A big mosque in Chenang with its traditional features and stunning interiors will make its way to your heart. 

6.Masjid Al Ehsan Langkawi