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Permodalan Kedah Berhad

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Kedah State Government, the Permodalan Kedah Berhad (PKB) Official Portal features a wide range of information relating to organizations, PKB subsidiaries, activities, services, projects and publications of PKB.

PKB has taken steps to expand its business in the field of hospitality by forming the subsidiary PKB Hotel Management & Services Sdn Bhd (PKBH).
PKBH is managed by a team that combines over 15 years of experience and skill in the Hospitality & Services industry. The uniqueness of PKBH is the guarantee of Shariah-compliant services and compliance with the requirements of halal food supply.

PKBH opened its first hotel in 2015 on Langkawi Island, the 4-star Adya Hotel Langkawi which has since earned recognition as among the best 4-star hotels in Malaysia. PKBH has expanded its business by opening a budget Hotel Adya in Kuala Lumpur. Adya Hotel offers continuous service improvement at par with hotels of similar standards and service excellence.

“Islam, Friendly, Hospitality” – PKBH sincerely aims to provide comfortable facilities with exceptional service excellence.

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At Adya Hotel, we offer you a new era of hospitality. Come and visit us at any of our hotels and resorts, where we provide services from comfortable accommodation to relaxing spa treatment. Treat yourself today at any of our hotels