Dining & Culinary

1.Scarborough Fish & Chips

Located along the Tanjung Rhu Beach is the Scarborough Fish & Chips Restaurant, a humble blue-hued restaurant that’s our go-to choice for a simple, yet satisfying lunch. This well-loved eatery is where you can enjoy a hearty meal or a quick bite with panoramic views of the Andaman Sea. End your lunch on a sweet note by having a taste of the restaurant owner’s homemade ice cream!

2. The Argan Trees Restaurant

The argan trees takes its name from the culture of argan in Morocco which is precious and known for its rarity in the world.
The argan trees offers you a culinary journey to the heart of the Moroccan terroir. Tradition and creativity are the watchwords of the restaurant which offers you to savor mythical dishes of Morocco.
On the menu, refinement and subtlety are essential to offer you unique dishes, from preparation to presentation. From a selection of gourmet and surprising dishes such as couscous with vegetables, chicken, meat, Seffa for lovers of sweet and savory, tagine of vegetables, chicken, meat and caramelized prunes, tagine of shrimps, pastillas and lots of other dishes made with love. Let yourself be surprised by these unique meals.

3.Hadramawt Restaurant

Hadramawt Restaurant has the best Yemeni Cuisine in Langkawi and was the first to introduce Yemeni dishes like Salta, Zurbian and Haneeth to public. Since its operation in February 2007, Hadramawt Restaurant has gained strong popularity in the Arabic restaurant market.

4.House of BBQ Lamb Bohor Tempoyak

Roasted and grilled BBQ lamb is simply irresistible and reasonably priced. You must come and try it out to know it yourself. One thing is for sure you won’t be disappointed.

5Pia's the Padi

Formerly ( Jimmy’s Cafe) in Pantai Cenang’s Laman Padi. but NOW the new Pia’s The Padi is located in beautiful Ulu Melaka overlooking the padi fields and Gunjung Raya. Pia’s The Padi has the same favorites and they offer Local Fusion style Cuisine. Malay and Indian cuisine.